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(17Mar2012) Bulgarian group begins hoops+ribbons routine at Deriugina Cup 2012. This was the main image for most of 2012 on my FB artist's page

(24Jan2012)Alexandra Piscupescu gives a "V" for victory sign to Romanian fans after her last routine of the AA final at the London test/qualifier event on Jan 18th. Following is an editorial comment...
Far and away this is a major moment in RG with a story. Alexandra's victory sign, the black armband in protest...all point toward a situation yet to be resolved. Six good gymnasts were after five places
at London and Alexandra barely missed out. My honest opinion? Alexandra (and Ganna Rizatdinova of Ukraine) already qualified for the Olympics at Montpellier WC last September. I say there were other
gymnasts in the 15-qualifiers at Montpellier that didn't deserve to qualify and should have been sent to "London Prepares" last week instead. I maybe only a photographer, but I know quality RG when I see it
and Alexandra & Ganna showed more go for it, risk, and quality then a few of the earlier 15-qualifiers, period. This is my page and I say the judges had it wrong on more then one gymnast last September.
Fortunately Ganna Rizatdinova qualified last week. But now Alexandra and Romania must pray the FIG sees the light and makes her a wildcard. Alexandra's situation is a lot like Inga Tavdishvilli's wildcard
at Sydney 2000. Inga was the 21st ranked gymnast at 1999 Osaka and was given the Sydney 2000, tripartite commission wildcard (plz correct my history, if incorrect). Hear me out...with Alexandra's ranking
in 2011-2012 being very similar to Inga Tavdishvilli's in 1999-2000, the hope is FIG will get it right again like Inga's 2000 wildcard and do same same with an Alexandra Piscupescu wildcard at London 2012...

(24Dec2011) Daria Dmitrieva at EC2008 Torino gala is the Christmas greeting 'daypic' (again) and the most recent Montpellier gallery of Dasha shows on my FB artist page.

(11Dec2011) From FB project last week showing Yasmine of Egypt. She is in line to represent Africa at London 2012 and a brief gallery shows on my FB artist page.

(12Nov2011) From current work on team Ukraine, here is Anna's split from 23Sept AA final. Ukraine, Tjasa Seme, Yasmin Rostom in coming days to show on my FB artist page.

(6Nov2011) Just I found this Zhenya split image during the last week. Have had many delays and continue to answer special requests.

(24Sep2011)This was the moment when Italy learned they'd won. I remember a banner that night, "No Italy, no party!". Said it all:) More in coming days on my FB artist page.

(24Sep2011) (L-R) AA winners...Dasha Kondakova & Evgeniya Kanaeva are silver & gold and Aliya Garaeva takes bronze.

(21Sept2011) (L-R) Hoop & Ball EF winners...Dasha & Zhenya silver & gold and just third place changed with Neta Rivkin and Liubov Charkashyna respectively.

(02Sep2011) Idea for today's Vitri image came from a research request. Taken with Nikon D1 protype and later became my first digital camera.

(28July2011) Total peak moment happened during special performance by Lilia Ignatova Dance Ensemble at the the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. This was taken October 2002 and day before Mobitel Cup GP.
I was taken there by my guide Ivan Ruskov and so glad he did))). Only I know leaping in center is 2000 Olympian, Iva Tepechanova.

(17July2011) (L-R) This idea began with just a close-up of Anahi's balance to begin her hoop at Corbeil 2003. Few days later, a new idea emerged. Here is a panel of memorable balances, 2000-2003.
The middle image of Toma was an unbelievable moment at EC2000 Zaragoza! Toma held this start position perfectly for an amazing 2-3 minutes. Was then called off the carpet (they reset her music) and finally she returned
to officially begin her rope event final routine, whew! Far right is Yulia's eloquent balance (slowly moving arms like swan lake ballet) to start her ball routine. Taken from high angle and behind at 2000 Sydney Olympics.

(13June2011) 3-Portimao gala images of Silviya now for 'daypic'... Just have finished a lot of promised work for customers and these were few of the images. New high-res gallery featuring--> Portimao 2011 images.

(10May2011) Panel of three Alina for 'daypic'... Was new idea had overnight and updated this morning before fly Calif. Two images on right are from earlier set added to--> newest FB Quick Looks gallery.

From Thurs 03March at Holon...(L-R) Daria Dmitrieva, Daria Kondakova and Evgeniya Kanaeva...they will win AA here. Few "Quick Looks" to come, just I need sleep.

(01Feb2011) Dear friends, if you have not heard the news, my friend & colleague Patrick Tower has passed on (about 29Jan). I wrote the bare details for Gymmedia report.
Plus more personal remarks show on his topic. A bit about this photo... In my mind, this photo is all Patrick. (Actually, think he set it up:))
At Thiais 2003, we had computers side by side at a table next to Barny's stand. Gymnasts were there (in the photo Inna Zhukova and out of view is Sveta Rudalova).
Suddenly I found Inna next to me looking for her photos. In the following moments, quickly this photo came together...Barny with my camera and (center) Patrick and (right) Manfred came also.
Among the small group that follows RG, this was Patrick. He was very popular and liked by everyone. Photo shows the humor and festive atmosphere that always came with Patrick. I Miss Patrick a lot.

(26Nov2010) Alina Maksymenko at Pesaro 2009... Today, woke up to an email in my inbox from UKR federation to announce World Cup Kiev 2011 in May. Happy they chose my image of Alina, yay!
This is the image that goes with the invitation/registration info email going out to all foreign delegations invited to Kiev WC2011. Waw, 2011 season is already heating up! Bring it on!=)=)

(29Oct2010) Anya begins gala at Deriugina Cup 2004. Don't know where idea came from... Just I am home from long roadtrip and was thinking of something peaceful.
If I am ever lucky enough to make a book about Anna, Ukraine or RG...would go with this Anna for cover image. Ok, I try add more summer Pesaro & Holon uploads now.

Latest review image(s) (top) originally posted March, 2012 approx 0000hrs from Descanso, California

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